Most Reliable Card for Worldwide Payment

Get Open Pay Card to make payments on online platforms worldwide. You won’t regret using this reliable and secured virtual credit card. Pay at millions of online merchants with our secure virtual cards.

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Shop everywhere VISA & MasterCard are accepted

Benefits you get with BitSwapix Virtual Card

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Virtual Card in minutes

Create and top up your account on BitSwapix CryptoHub. Fill out the application to issue a virtual card. That’s it!


Instant Crypto-Fiat Conversion

Real-time conversion of crypto to fiat allows you to use your crypto assets to make payments at millions of VISA & MasterCard accepting stores worldwide without delays.


Google Pay & Apple Pay

Add your BitSwapix Card to Google Pay or Apple Pay to make your payments.


Diverse Cryptocurrency Selection

With a BitSwapix card, access an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, empowering you to seamlessly use your preferred digital assets in your day-to-day purchases.

Who can apply for the BitSwapix Virtual card?

Everyone! No kidding! Just apply for our Virtual card on this page or from your account

How can I apply for it?

How much time will I wait for the BitSwapix Card?

How can I check my application status?

What are the fees associated with using the BitSwapix Card?

Which currencies does BitSwapix Card support?